NOTE: Services are available for business clients only.

At ComputerCare, we can handle service and repair for most devices! Whether a warranty repair, or non-warranty repair, our goal is to make the process as smooth and painless as possible. Simply fill out a service ticket and we’ll come pick up your device and drop it back off to you once it’s repaired.

Covid-Safe Hardware Support

For Seattle computer care, please visit our Covid-Safe Hardware Support page to view all our COVID-safe customer experience options, including contact-free drop-off lockers outside of our office in Seattle and ship-in options to meet your needs.

2827 2nd Ave., Seattle, WA 98121. Phone: 206-743-8052

Prefer an Appointment?

There’s an App for that!

Because we are a Premium Service Provider, we are integrated into Apple’s Support app, allowing you to make repair appointments directly with ComputerCare instead of waiting for help at a Genius Bar.

Seattle Computer Care: Apple Support App

The app allows you to schedule appointments with Apple’s authorized service providers, like ComputerCare, and it allows us to access the warranty information about your specific device, making the whole process faster and more convenient. To get started, download Apple Support today.

Or Use Our Seattle Computer Care System

Open a ticket to schedule an appointment directly with us. We offer free pick-up and delivery for our business customers! 

Once you open a ticket, you can expect to hear back from us within 1 business day.

Open a Ticket