IT Logistics

We offer a variety of unique services to facilitate your IT needs.

Storage & IT Logistics

Outsource your IT storage, maintenance, and logistics for your entire WFH workforce to hardware experts you can trust. Let us handle getting your new hires their equipment prior to starting, facilitating replacements for your employees when their hardware fails, and collecting and evaluating equipment during the offboarding process. You provide the who, what, where, when, and we’ll handle the how.

  • Pricing starts at $750/month
  • Fully bonded and insured facility
  • Reduce your shipping costs by utilizing our volume discounts with the carriers
  • Seamless repair processing included

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Tier 1 & Tier 2 Helpdesk

Our expert helpdesk team can take over basic IT support for your employees. We specialize in a wide array of programs and operating systems. Our Tier One support gives your employees access to on-call first responder assistance. The friendly team members are also trained to know when to escalate an issue to Tier Two support from technicians with enhanced knowledge and capabilities.

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Pickup & Delivery

Free pick-up and delivery in our SF Bay Area service area. Simply start a ticket from our business portal and we’ll handle the rest. With average turnaround times of 4-5 business days, we typically have repaired machines back to you faster than if you sent them directly to the manufacturer!

Have a remote workforce? We also offer residential curbside pickup for your employees in the SF Bay Area.

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Refresh & Refurbishment

Is your computer in need of a tune-up? We have a wide variety of services to get your machine back to that “fresh out of the box” look and feel.

Deep cleaning is great for your machine’s longevity!

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