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What is a Reseller?

Many people have the misconception that “reseller” means repairing
and selling refurbished devices. Not true! As an Apple authorized
reseller, we purchase products directly from Apple and resell them to

What does this mean for you? Essentially, buying from ComputerCare
ensures you receive more informed and personalized service for the
lifespan of your device. Get all the best equipment and service
tailored to fit your needs without the need to ever step foot in an
Apple store!

“ComputerCare has helped us supply our remote workers with pre-provisioned devices for their WFH setups, manage repairs, and saves significant time for our IT team (and space in our homes from storing all those devices)!”

– Future

Why Buy Apple through ComputerCare?

Not only do we provide world class IT warranty services and seamless device management logistics, now we can manage all your brand new Apple equipment purchases as well.

We’re a one-stop-shop for all your business’ IT needs, saving you time, money and stress!


Save Money and Reduce Stress.


Buyback Credits

We’ll take care of your old devices! Customers are able to swap used Apple devices for monetary credit towards the purchase of new ones.

Thanks to our ITAD partner, Sprout, you can also apply credits to repairs, storage fees, and new equipment!


Only deal with us.

We provide full lifecycle support so you can get service and support from the same people who sold you your device.

Knowing your device’s history from the date of purchase means we fully understand your needs and budget, so we can offer recommendations that will empower your business and employees.

More services mean less headaches.

As both an Apple Reseller and an Authorized Service Provider, we offer services that go beyond selling devices. Our in-house technicians are trained in Apple products and are equipped to use genuine Apple parts for your device.

We provide expert advice and support that matches your needs! We ensure that you receive genuine products within Apple’s warranty.


We take the stress out of IT management.

With ComputerCare as your combined Apple reseller and service provider, all your tech needs for onboarding new hires can be met with ease. Thanks to our proactive tech support, you don’t have to worry about running out of inventory. We’ll notify you about when to expand your equipment inventory to meet your employees’ needs!

On top of performing inventory counts and audits, our services include OS installation, asset tagging, data wiping, imaging, and software configuration.


We're here to help if something goes wrong.

As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, our technicians use genuine Apple parts to keep your device running smoothly. You can trust us with your repairs! In-warranty services are free of charge for Apple products.


No warranty? No problem.

Your repair may not always be covered by manufacture warranty, but we can still help. Offering on-site support, Bay Area pickup, and mail-in repairs, we can perform quality repairs both in and out of warranty as an Apple provider and reseller, helping you stay productive despite a broken device.


Expect the same great service

In stock products ship within 48 hours, and CTO skus typically ship in 10-15 business days.

We can automatically enroll your devices in Apple DEP, so you’ll have full visibility in Apple Business Manager as soon as they ship.


Need a MORE Personalized Touch?

Our in-house services cater to any of your company’s hardware needs. As an Apple Authorized Service Provider with experienced certified technicians on staff, we can fully manage your hardware operations or provide expertise to assist and empower your existing IT team.

Here at ComputerCare, we know how important your time is. We will handle the entire repair process from beginning to end.

Readily Available

A ComputerCare technician can be permanently staffed at your location to provide ongoing hardware support, no matter the scale of your business at no cost to you.


Our hardware experts help your team with new or refurbished equipment and diagnostic testing, including battery removal.

Data Reporting

When necessary, we help you adjust your hardware budget allocation. Our extensive and detailed process of reporting and analytics allows you to know what’s going on with your computer usage (average life cycles, break rates, etc.).

Personalized Assistance

With customizable, flexible services available, don’t stress over your IT hardware needs. Contact us today to benefit from our expertise and support.

Introducing the Human Side of Hardware.

As an authorized Apple Reseller and Service Provider, our certifications allow us to approach your IT needs holistically, but it’s the people that make all the difference.

Certified Woman-Owned Business

We have been operating as a woman owned business since 2004 and were certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) in 2021. We also encourage economic growth and work-life balance for our employees by setting our base compensation at triple the US minimum wage.

Whether it be through fair wages or voting access without pay penalization, we believe that company policies which meet our employees’ needs make for a more equitable workplace and lead to better service for all our customers.

Shopping with us allows you to support diverse supplier spending!

Prioritizing diverse supplier spending helps promote equitable and inclusive business environments for marginalized communities. When your company is looking to make a difference working with ComputerCare is a great way to show you support diversity in tech.

We’re the best place for all your computer needs

Whether supporting enterprises or small and midsize businesses (SMBs), we strive for quality work across a flexible range of services. By tailoring IT life-cycle management to your business, we help make the process seamless for you. We know the importance of your employees having the tools they need. That’s why we save you time and money caring for your devices.

This includes being there through onboarding (or off-boarding) employees, storing extra devices, maintenance, and more.

Everything we do is designed to make your business run more smoothly and we stand behind that promise.


Simplify Your IT Logistics 

Fully Authorized to Provide Warranty Services for the World’s Best Hardware