On-Site Services

Your company has specific needs. We have a custom solution.

Go above and beyond the conventional “managed service contract” with ComputerCare’s unique On-site Services. We tailor highly specialized hardware support to suit your company’s needs. Our team of certified technicians can become the entire hardware and IT operations backbone of your company, or support and empower your existing IT staff.

No more on-hold phone calls to the manufacturer’s depot. No more waiting in the line at the Genius Bar. ComputerCare safeguards your invaluable time so you can focus on the big picture.

How On-site Services Work

Tap into the full value of your company’s IT resources with expert hardware support. While every contract will be adjusted individually, here is an overview of our On-Site Service offerings and benefits:

On-site Staff

Enjoy the same continuous, specialized hardware support, as some of the biggest tech names out there. Trusted by Global IT operations at your favorite search engine, social media platform, and rideshare provider. They all keep a permanent ComputerCare technician stationed ‘in house.’ We can provide staff anywhere within the US or Ireland based on contract needs. Our on-site technicians are capable of providing all of our standard services, with the added expertise of managing higher volume requirements.

Warranty Service

Access ComputerCare’s full spectrum of business hardware support on-site. We are certified to provide warranty service and repair on all your company’s Apple, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, Asus, Toshiba, and HP products. The entire repair process is free under warranty. No warranty? No problem—we can still handle the repairs.


Understand your computer usage (break rates, average lifecycle, etc.) and adapt your hardware budget allocation with our extensive reporting capabilities and detailed analytics.

Whatever Else

Customize our extremely flexible on-site services options for your business needs. Get in touch to start a conversation with ComputerCare about eliminating the annoyance of hardware support for your company.