Picture this: your work computer won’t boot and you decide to send it off to an IT service for diagnosis and repair. You might pack it in a box and ship it from your local UPS, or maybe you take it into the office to hand over to the relevant person. Then your computer disappears for several days, while you keep your fingers crossed and hope that a) it gets fixed and b) it returns to you safely. Understandably, that can feel a bit nerve-wracking, so we thought a quick explanation of what hardware service looks like from our side might be reassuring.

Business Clients

Every morning, our ComputerCare drivers head off to pick up all the units held for repair at our clients’ places of business. The devices are delivered back to our central location and assigned a work order number that gets uploaded into the client’s account with us so that they can track progress on their device as needed during the repair process.

All units awaiting repair are loaded according to their date of arrival into what we call our ‘diagnostic cage,’ which is a rack (similar to what bakers use in kitchens) with locking doors for security purposes. As our techs start their days, they visit the diagnostic cage to choose the device that has been on-site the longest for repair work. Once they have cleaned the device and made their diagnosis (usually a 2-4 hour process), if the repair is covered by warranty, they order necessary parts immediately. If it is an out-of-warranty repair, they send a repair quote to the client for approval. A completed device is cleaned and disinfected, returned to a ‘completed cage,’ and delivered to the client the next morning by our drivers.

After parts arrive, the repair process takes a maximum of five days, allowing the repaired devices to be returned to the business or shipped back to you within 8-10 days of pick-up or delivery to our office. The whole process can be tracked through our online customer portal, to give you additional peace of mind.

Walk-in Customers

Individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area who need a personal service for their Apple or Lenovo device receive the same streamlined treatment. A senior tech starts with diagnosis of your device, so that you can receive a quote in case the repairs are out-of-warranty. Once you’ve approved the service, the tech follows the same protocols outlined above for finishing the repair, and emails you a notification once the device is complete.

Feeling reassured? Get a quote for our business IT services today and rest easy knowing that your hardware will be in good hands from the time it reaches us to the moment we deliver it back to you.

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