We work with some amazingly talented and hard-working people here at ComputerCare, so we are proud to announce that we’re kicking off an Employee of the Month program to recognize the many ways we appreciate our staff. As a bonus, you’ll get to see a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes here at ComputerCare.

So, without further ado, here is our inaugural Employee of the Month post. This month, we highlight the work of Dave Tilney, a Lead Technician of one of ComputerCare’s onsite teams based in Mountain View. Dave has been the lead technician with multiple ComputerCare teams since joining the company back in 2014, and he has always shown exceptional leadership skills and a knack for working seamlessly with our clients and customers. As a plus, Dave always shown a genuine willingness to help answer questions and share his knowledge about hardware repairs. In fact, co-workers from his past teams often still reach out to Dave when they have tough questions or need advice.

davetilney_actionshot2-webWe know good work when we see it, so we really appreciate Dave’s commitment to quality with every task. He consistently goes above and beyond, and recently spent a week out in New York to help train one of our new technicians. Did we mention customer service? When he worked at our Santa Clara headquarters, Dave was in charge of working with walk-in customers, and he always took time to answer any of their questions or concerns. Dave is an all-round great guy and an absolute asset to our ComputerCare team!

When he’s not busy repairing laptops and other devices, Dave can often be found camping, mountain biking, snowboarding, playing baseball with his kids, or on weekend road trips. Some of his favorite foods include steak, pizza, BBQ, and taking his wife out for sushi on date night! Luckily, he doesn’t eat at his work station!

Congratulations, Dave. You truly deserve to be our first ever Employee of the Month!

If you’re interested in joining the ComputerCare team, connect with us via email: hr@ComputerCare.net.

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