Georgia Rittenberg is CEO and owner of ComputerCare, an IT service provider, and certified Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) woman owned business that specializes in unconventionally thoughtful repair and logistic services specifically tailored to unique needs of any organization.

Her journey from part-time customer service rep to global CEO showcases resilience and community impact. 

Growing into CEO

Joining ComputerCare in 2012 as a customer service representative, Georgia’s position transitioned into CEO in 2016. Her background in Community Studies and women’s health shapes her leadership style: non-traditional (which challenges corporate norms), and emphasizing adaptability. Under her leadership, the company expanded globally, operating in the US, Ireland, Singapore, and India!

Mentorship to Leadership 

Mentored by Sheryl Brunell, VP of Sales at Klutz, Georgia values problem-solving and work-life balance. Sheryl’s advice eventually led Georgia to pursue a career path in ComputerCare! 

Georgia embraces her role as a woman in tech, aspiring to be a strong leader and role model. Inspired by her daughter, she stresses the importance of women owning and celebrating achievements. She advises aspiring female leaders to embrace life’s unpredictability. Words from the wise say to recognize opportunities, learn from failures, and don’t be overly critical. Success lies in adapting to nonlinear career paths!

Excitement as a C200 Member

Finding joy in travel, community engagement, and a surprising hobby—weekly 1000-piece puzzles… Georgia has a unique way of expressing her adventurous and down-to-earth spirit. As a new C200 member, she anticipates deeper involvement, connecting with accomplished women leaders, and expanding her network. The shared challenges of being a woman CEO create a unique bond within the C200 community.

A success story that symbolizes resilience, adaptability, and a passion for positive impact is inspiring women in the tech industry. Have a read of our CEO’s journey in C200!


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