As the digital age continues to develop, we are becoming more reliant on technology to support our success. Whether it be on social media, in politics, or in business, as a society we have become caught up on media influencers, marketing tactics for growth, and campaigns that will determine our voting future. With the new shift comes knowledge that has enabled us to thrive, connecting families all over the world, and employees to their work. Navigating through the shift toward hybrid work, especially during the pandemic has forced us to learn how to become more resilient in tech than ever. 

Resiliency in Cybersecurity 

With the ever-increasing pace of digital transformation, cyber resilience must take a place at the forefront of concerns for any modern business. Cyberattacks occur every 11 seconds globally, with 10,000 malware threats happening each hour! Geopolitical factors, hybrid work, and the increasing volume and value in data create prime targets for cyber attacks in today’s digital world. Although critical measures to enhance data protection have increased in the past year, challenges still remain. 

Without realizing it, companies lay themselves open to cyberattacks by running outdated technology, not investing in cybersecurity, and failing to cultivate cybersecurity skills in their workforce. In addition to these elements, an insufficient incident response strategy against attacks can increase the frequency of them happening. Outdated technology increases cybersecurity vulnerabilities for the simple reason that the technology is not up to date. The use of outdated tech and the applications that come with it are also a potential liability due to their end of life cycle. This means you no longer have the ability to update and lose out on crucial security fixes. 

We can establish cyber resilience through strategies, infrastructure, and the resources available to withstand and recover from a cyberattack. Understanding the difference between cybersecurity and resilience, as well as data backup and recovery can be the key features in maintaining success. 

Building Cyber Resiliency

The most effective way to build cyber resiliency and protect your data is not only by simply updating your device, but knowing the limitations of your data protection plan and achieving agility if anything goes awry. Exploring your infrastructure instead of solely relying on back-up plans for your data can be simple and enables you to isolate information in a cyber vault. In the event of an attack, cyber vaults will help in recovery and are therefore the ultimate protection for critical information. 

In conclusion, as technology advances and we become more reliant on it, cyber attacks become more creative and attackers develop more avenues to reach us. It has never been more prudent to learn how to adapt and withstand the unpredictable changes of technology. ComputerCare can help with the security of your device with a simple tune-up, as well as expert advice on whether to repair or replace older tech inventory! We can maintain your computers with a wide range of services provided to ensure the safety of your device. You can get a quote to protect your device today! 


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