Some tips for breaking into the industry

Maybe your resolution for 2021 is to jump into the tech field so you can follow your passion. Maybe you’re struggling with the post-pandemic job market and can’t help but notice that tech is a pretty stable industry at the moment. Maybe you’re just doing normal job-hunting after finishing up college, etc. Whatever the case, we’re not alone in thinking that tech is an area with a lot of potential for almost anyone.

The Tech Industry is Broader than Coding

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking, ‘This sounds great and all, but I don’t know how to code and I’d like a job now, not four years in the future after I graduate from a computer science program.” Have no fear. We’re here to reassure you that there are plenty of other opportunities within a broad-ranging and thriving industry like tech. Analysts, researchers, customer success specialists, designers, marketers, writers – all these positions and more exist within the field, meaning you can have a pretty satisfying career, even if until now you thought that C was just a letter in the alphabet.

Read between the Lines of Job Postings

A lot of people (sadly, especially women) look at a job posting and interpret the language to mean that they aren’t qualified. They don’t bother to apply and miss out on some potentially awesome job opportunities within the tech sphere. Maybe you don’t have a Computer Science degree specifically, but you did study electrical engineering with some computer science classes. Maybe you don’t feel that you have a ‘proven track record’ in a specific skill-set, but you have actually studied it and know your way around. Go ahead and apply anyway! All the above fancy-sounding requirements mean is that the company is looking for people with skills and experience, which you most likely have.

Practice Desirable Skills in Your Free Time

Maybe you do actually want to code, but that wasn’t the focus of your degree. Use the fact that you’re most likely stuck at home right now to take an online course or use free resources to practice skills like coding or web development, familiarize yourself with desirable software such as the Adobe suite, learn how to build or repair devices, or even just polish your resume and interview skills.

2021 is off to a rough start in some ways, which may make it seem daunting to jump into a new field, but at least we know that all things tech are in high demand right now. We think it’s the perfect time to be dusting off your skillset and your resume to get into a great job in the tech industry. (P.S.: Check out our open positions, too!)

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