We are proud to announce that we have officially become an Authorized Apple Reseller! Here at ComputerCare we take pride in being a leading solutions provider through the variety of quality services and support we offer to businesses of all sizes. As we continually search for ways to extend value to our clients, becoming an Apple Reseller solidifies the steps we are taking to become a one-stop, hassle-free IT solution for all your business challenges. 

As an Apple Reseller, we are equipped now more than ever to meet all your IT needs. Not only are we your go-to service provider for all things repair related, but you can now buy genuine Apple products directly through us, including MacBooks, iMacs, and accessories! Authorized Apple Resellers act as qualified Apple retail outlets, which means you will receive the same quality service and products with ComputerCare that you would when shopping with Apple. Even better, you get to correspond with your same great customer success team for all your Apple related needs, whether it be repair, IT logistics, or new equipment purchases. 

Not only are customers able to shop with us for Apple products, but they can also receive the same cost-effective benefits Apple offers and more. Our competitive pricing allows you to safeguard your tech budget, and our complete hardware lifecycle solutions save you time. When you trade in used Apple devices through our ITAD partner Sprout, the buyback credits you earn can be applied towards the purchase of your new device, or used for repairs or storage fees! Just like when shopping directly with Apple, you can order devices through us and only pay for your order once it actually ships. 

Now that we are authorized by Apple as both a reseller and a service provider, you can shop with us and know that we can service your device throughout its entire lifecycle! Our expert repair, logistics, and maintenance services are also always available to you, making us an all-in one solution for your hardware and IT needs. Additionally, shopping with us lets you participate in diverse supplier spending, as we are a certified woman-owned business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). ComputerCare’s new status as an Apple Reseller allows us to continue striving towards our goal of providing a holistic IT solution and headache-free customer experience for every client. 

You can learn more about our efforts by visiting our Apple Reseller page. 

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