Hardware and software represents the result of, sometimes, decades of work for a tech company, so it’s not always surprising that they wouldn’t be too interested in sharing that with just anyone. However, we also exist in a world that’s increasingly burdened with waste and pollution, not to mention rising cost of living. That means, now more than ever, consumers are interested in repairing their devices for as long as possible, to extract the greatest value from their original investment and to keep the pieces/parts out of the global waste stream for as long as possible.

Authorized service providers like ComputerCare exist in a mid-ground, which allows consumers to access technicians who can perform manufacturer-approved repairs on devices. And to be fair, a lot of people don’t have the time or energy to work on their devices themselves or to find an independent (AKA, not authorized by the manufacturer) but trustworthy repairman, so we at ComputerCare and our peers fulfill an important role in the tech economy. Independent amateur and professional technicians do exist though, and we can argue they provide an important service.

Let’s make up an example: a low-income worker is using an old laptop for online certification courses to better their employment prospects. If they visit a manufacturer for repairs, the technicians may not be familiar with the obsolete model and may encourage the person to buy a new device which they can’t afford. In that case, an independent repair company could be their only option. However, without the right to repair, the repair technician may not have access to the parts and manuals that would enable them to complete the job, which leaves the worker in our story without the hardware they need to continue improving their quality of life.

We’re happy to see that some of the biggest tech companies, including Apple and Microsoft, have started making more of their tech available for self- and independent repair of their devices. This will be an important step toward making tech more equitable for all, as well as decreasing the vast quantity of e-waste being generated each year because it has often been easier to buy new devices instead of fixing old ones.

But again, we get it that not everyone is happy to crack open their iPhone and start poking and prodding the inner workings! That’s why we offer authorized services for businesses as well as individuals in the Bay Area. Our prices are reasonable and our technicians are experts.

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