During this time of global crisis, we at ComputerCare are doing everything we can to provide responsible and safe hardware support both for our clients and for our staff. With the recent lockdowns of the Bay Area and Washington State, many office jobs have been converted into remote positions, meaning that in-office tech support is no longer readily available. At the same time, with the complete shut-down of Apple Genius Bar and Best Buy Geek Squad services, even people already accustomed to working from home no longer have an easy option for diagnosing or repairing their Apple devices. This means potentially crippling situations if a piece of tech suddenly develops problems.

That’s where ComputerCare comes in.

We are proud to offer the growing WFH workforce a completely COVID-safe drop-off experience. Outside of our offices in Santa Clara and Seattle, we have installed keypad combination lockers where walk-in clients can now safely deposit their devices for service and repair.

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How It Works

Please follow these easy steps to complete your drop-off, repair, and pick-up:

1)  Fill out a service ticket.

Click one of these buttons to get started.


2) Wait for an email confirmation.

You’ll get an automatic email once your fill out a service ticket. Then we’ll send you an additional email with subject line “COVID-safe drop-off instructions”. If you can’t receive email, please call us at 650-475-5500 (CA) or 206-743-8052 (WA) for further instructions.

3) Drive to your preferred ComputerCare location.

Bay Area
3350 Scott Blvd. #51
Santa Clara, CA 95054
2827 2nd. Ave.
Seattle, WA 98121


4) Use the confirmation email to find the correct locker.

Once you arrive, find you locker and enter the combination code. Leave your device inside. Please do not drop off your device inside the original box or any other packaging. Please do not include any accessories (headphones, external hard drives, etc.) with your device. These only give you and our technicians more items to clean and sanitize during the drop-off and pick-up processes.

5) We’ll keep you posted.

We will contact you with updates on your repairs. If the service happens to be out-of-warranty, we will also collect payment information at this time.

6) Come pick up your device.

Once your device is ready, we will call to confirm your payment (if any) and arrange a date for you to pick up your device. On your preferred day for pickup, you’ll receive an email with the correct locker and combination code so you can safely and easily retrieve your device.

Please note: This procedure is new for all of us. Turnaround times might be slightly longer than normal. Rest assured we are doing our absolute best to support you and your hardware during these trying times.

Protecting You

  • To safeguard you and our technicians, you will not have to interact directly with anyone during the drop-off.
  • Signage at the drop-off lockers will instruct our clients to maintain a ten-foot distance should two or more people arrive at the same time.
  • Our employees will disinfect locker surfaces every time a client drops off or picks up a device, ensuring that proper sterilization processes are followed. Clients are also encouraged to bring wipes or hand sanitizer as an added precaution.

Protecting Your Device

  • Locker keypad combinations will be changed after each use, meaning no one else can access your device after you leave it and we pick it up.
  • A support phone number will be posted at the lockers in case of technical difficulties with the lockers.
  • Phone support will be provided throughout the whole process, updating you on receipt, diagnosis, invoicing, and repair of your device.

Get Started

We know that when you work exclusively from home, you need your equipment to work even harder. We want to reassure you that no matter what happens, we’re going the extra mile to provide the safe support you need to work from home with all your devices in tip-top condition.