Donate Your Device!

Repurpose your devices to give back to the community and bridge the digital divide.


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How Does it Work?

When your equipment (laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet) has reached the end of its life in your organization, let us help you donate your device to a worthy non-profit that will give it a valued second life.

We will donate our time for repair labor costs, you just cover the cost of any required parts.

Why Donate Your Device?

Donating extends the life cycle of your equipment, and contributes to a more sustainable future!

We’re passionate about the human side of hardware and committed to supporting initiatives that promote digital literacy, equality, and inclusivity.

Make a Difference

By donating through us you help create opportunities and improve the lives of individuals and organizations that may lack access to technology.

Environmental Responsibility

We actively participate in the reduction of electronic waste, and repurpose your device to help prevent releasing harmful materials into the environment.

Personal Satisfaction

Giving away your device is a rewarding experience! Knowing your unused gadget is benefiting others and helping you declutter brings a sense of fulfillment and purpose.