ComputerCare (CCare) is not responsible for lost or stolen data, caused by any reason. If CCare repairs your equipment under manufacturer’s (MFG) warranty, the repairs are covered solely under the terms of the MFG warranty. If the service is non-warranty, CCare provides a limited warranty of thirty (30) days for labor and parts.

Physical damage nullifies MFG warranty, the diagnostic fee ($65.00) is charged even if the repair is declined. Software is not covered under warranty; diagnostic fee ($65.00) is charged even if declined.

The CCare diagnostic fee ($65.00) is charged for all non-warranty repairs, even if you declined the estimate and repair. If you approve the repair, the diagnostic fee is credited against labor charges.

Machines left for over 30 days will be charged the non-refundable diagnostic fee ($65.00), and machines left at our facility for over 45 days will be considered abandoned and recycled.

Customer is responsible for all payments associated with their work order and agree to pay ComputerCare, in full, at the time of the receipt.

Payment information may be requested and required before a diagnostic is done, any work is performed, or parts are ordered.

For all data transfers and data back-ups: Only data can be backed up (ie., pictures, music, word docs) Programs & Software will require customer supplied installation disc(s) to be re-installed. Additional costs may apply for this.