We’re always thankful for our crew here at ComputerCare. At this time of the year, we especially appreciate everything that they do each and every day to keep our customers’ devices in tip-top shape.

This month, we have the pleasure of putting the spotlight on Bill Castillo. Bill works at our headquarters in Santa Clara. He joined ComputerCare as a technician back in October 2015, and has proven to be a wonderful asset to the team.

Bill stands out thanks to his willingness to step up and complete any task at hand. He is our Thunderbolt display master, and always completes those repairs with ease. Bill also lends a hand to other members of the team whenever needed. He is the comedian of the group, and always keeps people laughing and smiling.

We sat down with Bill this week to ask him about his work, and his life away from the office. Here’s a small part of that conversation:

CC: Describe your role here at ComputerCare
BC: I’m a Computer Technician, and my main role is to diagnose and fix the devices and laptops that come in for repair.

CC: What is the most challenging part of your job?
BC: One of the most challenging things about being a computer technician is the pace of change. We see new systems with new requirements all the time, so keeping up with that can be difficult.

CC: What do you appreciate most about your work?
BC: My co-workers, and the support we give each other. It’s a very friendly and cooperative atmosphere that we all appreciate.

CC: What’s the most rewarding part of your work?
BC: It’s a great feeling whenever I find out what’s wrong with a system and get it up and running again. It’s really a sense of accomplishment.

CC: What was the best gift you ever gave someone?
BC: One of the best (and possibly the weirdest) gifts I’ve ever given was what you could call a Murder Bag. It was a duffle bag full of things like duct tape, a hacksaw, gas can, and bleach. On a side note, it was when Dexter was big, so that might help you understand a bit of the background to that story.

CC: Finally, what’s one thing about you that people might not know about?
BC: Something people definitely don’t know is that I was ordained by the Universal Life Church of Modesto California to perform weddings. If you’re ever in need, you know where to come.

Congratulations, Bill. We’re really thankful for everything you do!

ComputerCare is growing! We’re always on the lookout for talented technicians and customer service representatives. If you’re interested in joining our team, connect with us via email: HR@ComputerCare.net or check out our LinkedIn page for current openings.

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