The need for information is what drives the world, and data is located at the heart of almost all modern business. What do you do, then, to protect the sensitive data that exists on your company devices? People tend to default to cloud-based options for storing large amounts of data, and in a predictably high-tech future, storing data in the cloud can certainly prove to be a reliable option. However, there is also the question of what to do with your physical devices which are often full of confidential, personal, and protected data regarding persons, finances, legal agreements, etc.


Before we can grasp the importance of proper data storage, we must understand that information assets have different security risks. It is wise to decide and confirm who has access to your facility and devices. The first area where trouble could arise is the environment where data is stored and accessed physically. When dealing with confidential information, keeping data in places where it is difficult to tamper with or retrieve is highly recommended. That’s why our storage facility at ComputerCare is a fully insured facility and under 24 hour video surveillance with an advanced alarm system.

Beyond just the storage location, there is also the potential risk of the data retained in device harddrives and memory. Maybe you need to ensure that your retired devices are completely free of any secure or sensitive information so that you can resell or donate them. We offer Secure Data Wipe or NIST Wipe Services if required. We can also partner with any ITAD company to facilitate a pickup or shipment to or from our facility. Maybe you have a legal obligation to keep your data protected. We offer legal hold times and even permanent legal hold periods when needed.

Secure data storage can make or break your business. If any mishap were to occur, it would cause legal repercussions if your data fell into the wrong hands or released sensitive, confidential, or even top-secret information about private individuals, company finances, and more. It can be difficult to protect your business from such risk if you don’t have a way to properly store your devices. Luckily, ComputerCare is here to offer one of the most economic and most reliable hardware storage services available in the nation. Reach out today to get started with a quote.

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