The underrepresentation of women in spaces where they should be acknowledged has been a topic that has been discussed extensively. In the world of technology, it’s no different. There are benefits, innovative solutions, and an entirely new creative dynamic to be explored by inviting diversity into the field.


Technology is advancing at unfathomable rates and changing the world as we live in it today. This affects everyone and in turn requires more career positions to become available in technology, science, engineering, and math (STEM). As technology advances, we hope that it caters to everyone, regardless of gender or race.

Simply put, women think differently than men. According to Stanford Medicine, cognitive functions vary between men and women. Women excel in tasks that test verbal and writing abilities, reading comprehension, fine-motor coordination and perceptual speed, and utilizing long-term memory. This means they can contribute new perspectives to shape and improve the development of technology in the decades to come.

Additionally, the strengths of a company can be amplified by diversifying the employee roster. This will only benefit the user experience, resulting in profit and overall company growth.


Compared to their male counterparts, women tend to face more gender bias, and their voices and ideas are often silenced. Incorporating all genders and collaborating within a diverse workforce helps expand the capacity for creative problem solving. Onboarding different strategies and methods of thinking, paired with increased capabilities to understand different experiences and viewpoints, benefits both individual employees and the entire company.


You receive a better turn on investment from women owned businesses and startups according to Boston Consulting Group. Likewise, a survey done by Peterson Institute for International Economics found that revenue increases, performance is equal, and the gender pay gap is half the size when women are a part of the team.

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