As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, ComputerCare has direct access to Apple’s Customer Data Migration (CDM) tool. This allows us to offer our clients truly world class EOL asset management. 

CDM is an Apple OEM certified tool which can be used to migrate, or securely erase user data on Apple laptops with embedded SSD drives. We know many of our clients have strict data security requirements. This means that in the past, they have been forced to remove and destroy harddrive components from their EOL assets, thus losing substantial resale value as they sell or donate the equipment. 

That’s where CDM comes into play. Our Apple Authorized Service Provider status allows us to use this tool to write over all data in SSD drives. And you can be sure that the results are thorough. Writing over the data three times meets the US Department of Energy standard for securely erasing magnetic media. Writing over the data seven times meets the US Department of Defense 5220-22-M. For those whose devices have reached a point where they no longer have power, we’ve got your back. As long as the SSD connector is  still functional, even if the rest of the machine is non-functioning, the tool can still be used effectively.

We know it can be a headache to decide what to do with devices as they age and their manufacturers cease offering support for them. That’s why ComputerCare has focused on providing such an excellent standard of Apple service that we have earned Authorized Service Provider status. It allows us to access tools that make our clients’ businesses run more smoothly. If you have devices that are showing their age, don’t sweat it. Contact us today for simple, streamlined EOL asset management.

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