In case you hadn’t heard, as of October 2021, ComputerCare is officially a women-owned business, certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). We’re pretty proud of this status, and of our CEO Georgia Rittenberg, who is keeping the glass ceiling broken with her work leading our company. But why, you may be asking, does it matter so much that a woman be a leader in the tech industry? Isn’t it the twenty-first century? Haven’t we moved into a more egalitarian model of society?

Unfortunately, the reason why our status matters is because the tech field remains an area where women are largely underrepresented. Over the past four decades, the gender gap has actually increased, with only 1 woman in 5 employees working in the tech industry today (Women in Tech).

Some other stats

The tech industry retains a strong ‘boys’ club’ image to this day, meaning that women often don’t even think of entering its workforce, and if they do, they may encounter out-dated attitudes regarding their contributions.

  • Only 5% of tech leadership is women (which is why Georgia stands out in our industry)
  • Only 4% of tech employees at any level are women of color.
  • Women make 2.5% less than men in comparable positions in tech (Statista)

The future of our global economy is shaped by technology, so it cannot remain an area dominated by one gender or race. We need all of society, but especially people who have historically encountered discrimination in the form of sexism and/or racism to help us course correct the technological forces that drive industry and society forward. Women may be better represented in many other fields, but in this day and age, few fields outside of tech have so much impact. Inviting women into the tech industry, therefore, is an especially important part of building a more equitable tomorrow.

ComputerCare’s Contribution

The reason women-owned businesses matter is because they tend to enact company policies that make life better for their employees and eventually for the world around them. As an example, ComputerCare has made it possible for all employees to vote, without losing any pay or needing to take PTO. We’ve also prioritized a diverse workforce, with the result that our offices speak 12 languages and counting. We’ve tried to make our minimum wage match the actual cost of living, by raising it to $23 an hour. By building these policies into our corner of the tech industry, we contribute to improving it little by little over the next decade and more.

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