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  • We apologize we are unable to provide services for Apple units deemed vintage or obsolete. If you are not sure if your machine is classified as such, please send us your serial number and we would be happy to check for you.

  • We apologize we are unable to provide service for any PCs that are 5 years or older. If you are not sure the age of your machine, please send us your serial number and we would be happy to check for you.

  • In submitting your device to ComputerCare (Ccare), you are confirming that you agree to perform the following steps before submitting the phone. Please note, if any of the following steps are not completed, there could be a delay in the repairs:

    To do so:
    1. 1. Turn off the Find my Phone app. This can be done in the iCloud settings or remotely by signing into the iCloud website.
    2. 2. Have the phone charged to at least 50% battery life.
    3. 3. Use desired method to backup the data. There is a chance that data can be lost during the repair cycle.
    4. 4. Remove any locks or passcodes to get into the devices operating software.

    In submitting your phone to Ccare, you are acknowledging the following:
    1. • That your phone may be replaced with a replacement unit of the same model, per Apple’s discretion.
    2. • Ccare is not responsible for any lost or stolen data or programs and will not restore your backup information to the phone after repair or diagnosis.
    3. • Ccare offers a 30 day warranty on any parts and work performed out-of-warranty.
    4. • Ccare is not responsible for any lost or stolen data or programs and will not restore your backup information to the phone after repair or diagnosis.
    5. • For parts and work performed under warranty, your phone remains under it’s warranty guidelines for the extent of the warranty period.

    For more information, please read iPhone Repair Information.

    ComputerCare(CCare) is not responsible for lost or stolen data, or damages/loss to third party cases, caused by any reason.

    If CCare repairs your equipment under manufacturer's (MFG) warranty, the repairs are covered solely under the terms of the MFG warranty. If the service is non-warranty, CCare provides a limited warranty of thirty (30) days for parts.

    Physical damage nullifies MFG warranty. Software & data is not covered under warranty.

    A diagnostic fee ($49.00) is charged for non-warranty repairs that are declined. If you approve the repair, the diagnostic fee is waived.

    Machines left for over 30 days will be charged a non-refundable diagnostic fee ($49.00), and machines left at our facility for over 45 days will be considered abandoned and recycled.

    COVID-19 Service Adjustment for non-warranty diagnosis and repairs: Our services currently demand a greater expenditure of time, effort, and risk on the part of ComputerCare’s employees. If you choose to decline an out-of-warranty service for your iPhone, we will charge a $29 diagnostic fee for our labor. If you accept the service, the diagnostic fee will be waived and you will only pay the cost of repairs. Thank you for your understanding.

    Your signature below indicates that you have read and understand the IMPORTANT INFORMATION AND LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY and TERMS OF SERVICE and agree to them; you agree to pay in full for service provided.

  • Note:

    When dropping off devices for repair, please do not drop off your device inside the original box or any other packaging. Please do not include any accessories (headphones, external hard drives, etc.) with your device. These only give you and our technicians more items to clean and sanitize during the drop-off and pick-up processes.

  • *If you are a business opting for pickup service: Please have the machine ready for pickup when you submit this service request. Pickup could happen anytime between now and end of following business day. If the machine is not easily accessible at the front desk, during all business hours, please include instructions for the driver in the symptoms text box. If possible, please leave with front desk if you will not be available during lunch/meeting, etc. If your offices will be closed for any reason, please let us know. Any instructions/tips for the driver to access your building or parking, are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Please let us know when you expect to drop off your device. Our general operating hours are Monday through Friday, from 8AM to 5PM
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